Site Grading

Our experience in site grading and excavating will set your project on the right path to success.   Get started with a team you can trust!

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Experienced service in demo, removing, grading, and more.

Site Grading

Stafford Excavation, a service of Stafford Development Company, is your partner on the next site grading project.  Our team is experienced in providing rough and final grading.  Our team can deliver grading projects for new home construction,  property projects to full-scale commercial and residential projects.  

Rough Grading 

Stafford is experienced in preparing the site for rough grading of your project.   Experienced in providing excavation services to remove, add, or relocate topsoil.  We strive to match the grade you need so that your home, street, farm, vineyard, project meets the intended contour of the landscape.  Get the experience that builders trust.


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Finish Grading

Set your project for success with our finish grading service.  Our goal is to provide a uniform and clear surface for your projects intended use.  Our team looks to remove any debris like rocks and flatten the surface so that it is ready for your needs.   This requires new soil to be placed and compacted to fit the desired grade and keep it from changing. Our goal is to provide a uniform and even surface for the intended use. 

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Site Grading




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